December 1754, Vienna

In Vienna there is a particularly social life and no lack of open gatherings, both pleasant and lavish. They feature exceptional dishes, and in the more remarkable homes you can find cards under the serviettes listing 10, 12 or even 15 names of wines, from which the guests can choose to their liking. 

Before serving the desert, everything from the table is cleared, even the tablecloth is removed. Under the tablecloth there is another white one, on which people serve a very-well prepared and tasty desert, complemented by various confectioneries. Silver decorations on the table are replaced with china featuring images of gardens, society or other things and consisting of 6 to 8 pieces. The plates placed around the table, as well as the knife and fork handles, are made of china, but the knife blades and fork tines are made of silver. 

The serviettes are removed along with the tablecloth, and new white ones are handed out before the desert. Among other things, also a plate with small, round bread pieces baked in a special way appears. The desert is served together with Tokaji wine which concludes the dinner.


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Fragment from Nikolaus von Himsel (1729–1764) three volume travel diary, Latvian Academic Library, Department of Rare Books and Manuscripts

Edgars Ceske