Museums and Creative Industries. All Truths by Ziedonis Museum

All Truths. Description

The Imants Ziedonis Museum takes a creative approach in showing the poet’s contribution to Latvian culture. In the second half of the 1970's, Imants Ziedonis provided lyrics to the work of composer Raimonds Pauls. The project All Truths arose from museum research and a musical collaboration. It took the form of an exhibition and a concert (over 3 evenings) featuring Raimonds Pauls and Imants Ziedonis cooperation from a new perspective. The exhibition presented the literary, musical and cultural context of Latvia in the 1970’s within which both men were working. The concert programme consisted of a remake of popular songs from the 1970’s performed by well-known Latvian musicians. In addition to concerts, the CD and a vinyl edition of the record were issued. Overall, in 2018 the exhibition and concerts were visited by over 2,500 visitors. 


Why is it important for the museum to cooperate with creative industries?

Collaboration with creative industries gives an opportunity to create new products and services. It is yet another instrument of communication for the museum.


What are the main challenges of working together?

The biggest challenge was to demonstrate the value of the research for the creative industries partners, proving that the in-depth study provides a higher value for the end product. One tension which manifested was the collision in approaches; between research (slow and long process) and business (need to do everything quickly and cost effectively). Creative industries are more prone to the business dynamic, while the museum leans towards in-depth research, so there is a challenge at every turn. Nevertheless, by working together, both parties expanded their audiences. 


What is the added value of cooperation between museums and creative industries?

Cooperation like this gives us a chance to work together to develop new products and services for the target groups, which in general yield economic benefits. Through mutual cooperation and exchange of information and knowledge, a two-way learning process takes place.


This is one of the case studies featured in the report Museums and Creative Industries. Case studies from across Europe which will be presented at NEMO annual conference in November. 

Thanks to contributor of the case study Dace Zariņa, director of Ziedonis Museum.

Images: Ziedonis Museum