Museums and creative industries. Father and Son by TuoMuseo and Archeological Museum of Naples


Mobile adventure game Father and Son. Description

In 2017 the ‘not-for-profit’ organization TuoMuseo released the free Father and Son on the App Store. The game was published by the Archaeological Museum of Naples. One feature of the game is that in order to unlock some new costumes and an in-game location, you have to actually visit the Archaeological Museum of Naples. 

Father and Son offers a universal and timeless story where the present and the past are the set of meaningful choices. Player can follow the story of Michael and his archeologist father Frederic and time travel across multiple ages. 

This game has received worldwide acclaim, with more than 3 million downloads on App Store and Google Play.


Why is it important to cooperate with a museum?

Museums are extraordinary time travel machines, but too often they give up planning and designing the future. Developing a synergy with creative industries, such as gaming companies, helps in shifting perceptions about museums, moving them from being associated with ‘cultural consumption’ to being seen as active hubs of ‘cultural production’.


What are the main challenges of working together? 

A notable challenge is in moving from short-term and single-focus projects to creating an ongoing, long-term partnership, where both parties are constantly evolving. Father and Son is a prime example of the humanities and creativity mixing together to generate the first videogame published by an archeological museum. 


What is the added value of cooperation between museums and creative industries? 

Creative companies like TuoMuseo allow museums an extraordinary opportunity to reach new worldwide audiences and generate extra revenues. Father and Son has resulted in increased attendances at the Archaeological Museum of Naples and higher engagement rates.


Father and Son is one of the case studies featured in the report Museums and Creative Industries. Case studies from across Europe which will be presented at NEMO annual conference in November, 2018. 

Thanks to contributor of the case study Fabio Viola, Game Designer and President of TuoMuseo 

Images: TuoMuseo