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Himsel Museum pays homage to Nicolaus von Himsel (1729–1764), physician, encyclopaedian, traveller and collector, who is best known for having established the first public museum in Baltic (1773) with bequest of the Himsel-Martini family collections to his home town of Riga.

Second Canvas Himsel Museum app is featuring in a super-high resolution 6 highlights from the collections of the historic Himsel Museum (Himselisches Museum), which existed in its original form up until 1860.

The app is bringing together the various artworks, objects, and documents related to historic Himsel Museum – the universal museum of Enlightenment era and the origin of three large museums in Riga: the Museum of the History of Riga and Navigation, Latvian National Museum of Art, and the Natural History Museum of Latvia.

The historic collections of the 18th century Himsel museum still keep a number of secrets about the genesis of museum tradition in Baltic. As we are approaching its 250th anniversary, the Himsel Museum is a step towards more comprehensive view on the origins of museums in Northern Europe.

This app is developed using Second Canvas, a platform focused on helping museums to build multimedia experiences by combining super high-resolution images with interactive storytelling.

Until July 2019 the focus of Second Canvas is on scModules, a EU co-funded project which seeks museums that want to experiment with new possibilities for artwork digitized in super high-resolution.

Second Canvas is developed by Madpixel, the world leader in super high-resolution digitization. Founded in 1999 and based in Madrid, Madpixel has collaborated with leading companies in dozens of innovative projects unifying creativity, design and technology.

The Riga based thinktank Creative Museum is coordinating the Second Canvas scModules Himsel Museum project. The project is supported by EU co-funded Horizon 2020 program. 


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