Designing a makerspace


CREMA webinar June 8 (Brussels time)

Crema project explores the concept of makerspace* in relation to museums.


11:00 Introduction 

11:10 Makerspace concept | Debora Hustic 

11:20 Conversation Makerspace in a museum? | Raivis Sīmansons and Debora Hustic 

12:00 Case studies: 

- Žanis Lipke Memorial (Latvia) | Raivis Sīmansons 

- Medicine History Museum (Latvia) | Ineta Zelča Sīmansone 

13:00 Coffee break 

13:30 Case studies: 

- The Regional Museum of Skåne (Sweden) | Malin Liedberg 

- Tesla Museum (Croatia)| Debora Hustic  

14:30 Wrap up discussion


This webinar will take place in Zoom.

Link will be sent upon request


*Makerspace is a community based space where people meet, connect, collaborate, share, and socialize based on their mutual and common interests in the areas of technology, new media, hybrid and digital arts, science, innovation, arts & crafts and creativity.


Graphic design: Edvards Percevs, Creative Museum


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