Museums and Creative Industries report to be presented at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2018

Invitation to contribute to NEMO’s Working group Museums and Creative Industries report to be presented at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2018.


This year NEMO is a partner of the ARTS+ (“Future of Culture Festival” – dedicated to the future of the creative and cultural industries). Festival is taking place at the Frankfurt Book Fair from 10 to 14 October. The theme of the festival is cultural heritage. Find out more

NEMO is planning to participate in the festival with a report showcasing around 15 innovative case studies from across Europe on how museums and creative industries successfully work together. The report will feed the panel discussion “Innovation Support & Cultural Heritage” which aims at producing recommendations for politicians in the field of innovation and cultural heritage.


Creative Museum as the initiator and leader of NEMO's Working group Museums and Creative Industries has taken up to coordinate selection of case studies so as to prepare the mentioned report. The ARTS+ festival at Frankfurt Book Fair is a great opportunity for European museum community to highlight its importance as a support base for creative industries and talk openly about problems in cooperation with creative sector in a high profile event.

Should you be interested to be represented with a case study in the NEMO's Working group report on Museums and Creative Industries at the ARTS+ in Frankfurt Book Fair 2018, please follow the very simple instructions below. 


We kindly ask our contributors to select a case study you want to present and to answer these three simple questions in relation to the selected case study (product or service): 

- Why is it important for a museum to cooperate with creative industries? (Or, if you are a representative of creative industries – why is it important to cooperate with a museum?)

- What are the main challenges of working together?

- What is the added value of cooperation between museums and creative industries in your opinion (economic – mainstreaming museum products and services, educational – reaching broader audiences, social innovation etc.)?


In addition to your concise answers, we would appreciate 3 high-resolution images to illustrate your answers and a 100 word max description of the chosen case study.

For inspiration you might wish to take a look at some previous reports created by NEMO Working group Museums and Creative Industries which follow the same methodology:

Museums and Creative Industries: Mapping Cooperation (2015) 

Museums and Creative Industries: In Progress (2017) 


We will be thankful if you could take time for this enquiry which will result in an opportunity to be showcased at a high-key international event. The deadline for being included in a both printed and digital version of report is 15 August 2018. 

We are thrilled to see the single case studies coming together to make ‘a case’ for the future of museums and creative industries in Europe.


On behalf of NEMO WG Museums and Creative Industries

Ineta Zelča Sīmansone

Ineta Zelča Sīmansone

Domnīcas Creative Museum vadītāja | Creative Museum Director